About Us

TSS was founded in December 2018 with the vision of providing high quality semi-independent living to Looked After Children aged 16/17 and  Care Leavers 18 plus. We deliver a service that enables them to feel safe, secure and valued.

We ensure that Young People and Care Leavers are able to live independently in suitable accommodation and in a fair and non-discriminatory community. We are aware that certain people are discriminated upon because of their vulnerability and disability, therefore, we decided to take positive steps to help prevent such situations and promote positive living experiences for them.

TSS is committed to excellence and sustainability through hard work, delivering integrity, responsibility and accountability. 

Our Objectives

To deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the young person’s overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence.

  • To develop person centred pathway support packages for the young people in the service.
  • To promote safety for the young person by ensuring that each young person has a holistic assessment, that is regularly reviewed and implemented.
  • To enable the young person, meet their health and emotional needs.
  • To promote and maintain positive relationships that benefit the young person and enable them to develop their identity, self-respect and caring for their own well-being.
  • To enable the young person to develop skills to communicate and interact with staff and peers, to integrate and contribute to the community in a positive manner.
  • To work in partnership with parents, relevant adults, education, occupation, health and other professionals to ensure the young person is enabled to maximize their potential.
  • To enable young people to be empowered to make choices and decisions in all areas of their lives.
  • To encourage young people to participate and be involved in the delivery and development the service.
  • To provide Looked After Children / Care Leavers with the opportunity to develop their independent living skills in 1:1 session and to provide Care Leavers with a portfolio of skills to demonstrate their capacity for independent living.
  • To ensure Care Leavers are prepared for independent living, have their wishes and feelings considered and that they are listened to and their feedback informs the service’s continuous improvement.

Our services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including national and public holidays. We provide services during the day, sleep-over services and/or waking nights.


We aim to achieve the following:

  • To deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the young person’s overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence.
  • To deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the young person’s overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence.
  • To deliver a service where young people feel safe, secure and valued.
  • To deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the young person’s overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence.
  • To have a zero-tolerance approach for any alerts of a safeguarding nature. Progress will be reviewed monthly.
  • To ensure that the service is delivered within an equality framework, ensuring young people’s diversity is respected, giving them the right to make informed choices and to take risks.
  • To ensure that the service is delivered within a TSS framework is in accordance with agreed purchasing arrangements.
  • To ensure that young people involvement is actively sought throughout the delivery of the contract promoting best practice and inclusion.
  • To provide quality support for young persons with challenging behaviour and emotional needs empowering them to achieve independence and to become positive members of the community.
  • To recruit staff within a safer recruitment framework ensuring we have a high quality workforce who are skilled to perform the desired tasks.
  • To continually assess the performance of our staff and ensure they receive support and guidance in order to maximize job satisfaction.
  • Ensure our workforce is receiving regular training and supervision to develop skills and confidence.
  • To develop strong partnership working with local authorities and professionals, achieving a reputation for excellence in all aspects of our service provision.
  • To record and evidence the outcomes achieved through our services.
  • To ensure and be able to demonstrate a comprehensive Quality Assurance monitoring policy throughout the organisation.
  • To challenge discrimination and ensure fairness is achieved in all aspects of our work; providing support, guidance and education to our clients as well as other agencies.
  • To represent the needs, rights and aspirations children and young people who require semi supported housing and ensure these are met at all time.
  • To create a warm and comfortable homely environment in all our properties.
  • To support our young people in a spacious environment allows that they can call their own and promote independence. We want them to feel in the comfort of their homes.
  • All our accommodation is semi-independent and are visited by outreach staff between the hours of 8am-9pm seven days a week to ensure the safeguarding of our service users.
  • To ensure that all service users are encouraged to personalize their rooms by gradually buying items which they will take with them when they move on to adulthood.
  • To ensure that our employees undergone training to meet the diverse demands of our service users, to be trained to deal with challenging behaviors and complex needs such as substance abuse, counselling, medication and mental health training.
  • To ensures that staff reinforce good practices and are up to date with TSS policies and methods of working with children and young people.
  • To value and safeguard both staff and service users, holding strong and high importance to the way we work.
  • To manage our resources in a cost-effective way whilst maximizing the quality and standard of our services.
  • To achieve measurable success in enabling people to make the changes that are required to achieve stable lives.
  • To work with a range of stakeholders, including service users and other agencies to ensure that we continually evaluate, reflect and improve our services.
  • To ensure that service users in all our properties is provided with facilities to contact a member staff for assistance 24 hours a day and on-call members of staff are available to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, empowering and restoring hope and dignity through quality housing and support for service users in our society.

Key Goals
  1. To enable our young people to maintain independent living and to increase self-esteem through empowering them to seek training or employment for community inclusion.
  2. To provide a suitable housing standard for young people in order to have a secure, safe and comfortable environments.
  3. To empower our young people to improve general lifestyle and wellbeing.
  4. To provide step by step support to enable and develop new skills through our dynamic holistic approach.
  5. To value and respect the children and young people.
  6. To assist young people to break down barriers that restricts them from participating and living comfortably and effectively within the community.
  7. To deliver high quality and responsive supported housing services.
Our Values


Valuing and respecting the individual.


Integrity, fairness and equality.


Learning and Striving for excellence